Welcome to the Animal Phenomena Rules. Please read them carefully, as you have agreed to follow them by joining and playing AP.

Here on AP we want our game to be safe and fun for everyone! Therefore, all rules set by us are strictly enforced at all times. However, AP is a more mature community than some other games in our genre so our restrictions on discussion topics will reflect that, for that reason, I encourage any parents to take a look at our letter for parents before allowing their children to play!

Moderators have a set of guidelines that they are required to follow when enforcing the rules. These guidelines consist of what to do when each rule is broken on a first offense, second offense, etc. Punishments can include, but are not limited to: warnings, temporarily suspensions from part or all of the site, permanent bannings, IP bannings, fines of game money, and/or the removal of content for certain players. After six months most old punishments will “expire” and no longer count towards your total. However, serious offenses (like harassing other players, scamming, etc.) will never expire. All players who have more than 25 non-expired strikes in their mod logs (warnings, suspensions, etc.) will automatically be banned from AP.

When joining, and every six months after that all players will be required to take a short, multiple choice quiz over the rules in order to continue playing AP. This is to keep bots out of the game, as well as to re-verify accounts, however it also helps to ensure that everyone stays up-to-date on the rules.

And, as always, if you have any questions about any of the rules, what they mean, or whether or not something is inappropriate, please contact a moderator!

    Basic Guidelines
  • Please do not swear or use foul language. Words like 'heck', 'dang', and 'crap' are not considered foul language on AP.
  • No filter-dodging. If you know it's an inappropriate word, please don't purposely misspell it and/or add unnecessary punctuation so that our filters don't catch it.
  • Please keep topics in chat and on the forums rated PG-13, restricted topics include sexual content, excessively violent content, and endorsing illegal activities.
  • There are five basic accounts allowed per person, however, you can have an unlimited number of upgrades.
  • Please do not advertise for other online games that do not allow off-site advertising on them as well.
  • Please listen to the moderators, if they say a topic is inappropriate or that something needs to be stopped, then please listen. If you believe that you were wrongly warned/asked to drop something, then please document the experience and bring it to Samantha on account #1 to go over the situation!

    Interaction Between Players
  • Be respectful of everyone, including staff, at all times! If you can’t be nice to other people, you have no reasonable expectation that they will be nice to you in return. Even in the midst of a disagreement, please keep it civil. Please also remember that slanderous and libelous talk is not permitted anywhere on AP.
  • Horse Phenomena does not allow flooding the chat rooms or the forums. Flooding of the chat room is considered posting more than two of the same post per page at one time. This includes posting variations of the same ad and posting the same ad from different accounts. Please scroll down and make sure your ad is off of the page. Flooding of the forum is considered posting the same content on one topic over and over again, or on different topics where it is not acceptable to do so.
  • Please keep your posts in Talk and on the forums to the right boards. Chatting is for chat, advertising is for advertising, etc. This helps us keep everything organized!
  • No trolling. Trolling is when someone posts, often off-topic or rude things, with the intention of getting an emotional response from others.
  • Please do not spam other players. This includes sending random advertisements through messages, if you see an advertisement in Talk and respond to it, this is not considered sending random spam.
  • Do not derail discussions in the forums, if you want to discuss something not having to do with the original post, start a new topic. This does not mean that discussions cannot evolve, but please do not totally highjack another player’s topic with something totally irrelevant.

    The Serious Stuff
  • Impersonating any of the AP staff and/or moderators will result in an immediate banning. Moderators have badges next to their names in Talk and on their Home pages. All staff will have a Moderator Badge on their home page and next to their name in Talk.
  • Any sort of hacking, cheating, scripting, or otherwise harming the game and/or attempting to do any of these things will result in an immediate banning of all accounts associated with the offender, and possible legal action. We consider abusing perks (such as the referral system or having "player point animals" to be cheating on AP as well).
  • Do not scam other players, or link people to scamming websites. For security and safety reasons asking other players for their login information or any other personally identifying information is also not allowed.
  • Do not harass, threaten or use extortion/black mail to get things out of other players – no matter what the reason. If you're having an issue with someone, please contact a moderator!
  • Please do not post inappropriate images or links to inappropriate websites (if they are designed for those over the age of 18, it's probably not AP appropriate), pornography, 18 and over role play websites, or otherwise "adults-only" content.
  • Racist, homophobic, or otherwise intolerant and/or derogatory remarks will result in immediate banning of all accounts owned by the offender.

    Trading Rules
  • Nothing is to be sold or traded on AP for real money (except, of course, for upgrades that players auction through the Upgrade Auctions), nor are advertisements for off-site transactions involving real money allowed on AP. This includes, but is not limited to, game accounts, game currency (APD), accounts for other games, eBay auctions, etc. This is to protect players from potential scams, and avoid legal issues concerning the privacy of players under 18.
  • Players are not allowed to trade game currencies or items (i.e. I'll give you 100 mill APD for 500 mill dollars from [insert game name here]), with the exception that you can trade currencies between any games owned by Samantha Keiffer (,, and The reason we do not allow our players to trade with other games is because if they don't allow it, it can create issues for us, and also make other owners angry, so out of respect for those owners we just disallow it.

    Graphics and Layouts
  • Full picture credits are required on all photo manipulations (this includes all layout photos, horse and dog images, and all layouts sold in auction). Every photo, drawing, all lyrics, poems, quotes, or text taken from somewhere must have full and accurate credits on the picture. This does not include fonts and brushes where the creator does not require credit, and does not include crediting the program that was used to make the art.
  • All images used in photo manipulations must be stock and be allowed on SIM games. If it is your own personal photo, please say that. This means celebrity and movie photos cannot be used unless they are stock photos (they usually are not). If you are unsure if you are allowed to use a picture, contact the photographer. When in doubt, ALWAYS ask a mod before you post it on AP.
  • Credits must be in URL format ( not user@DA)
  • Graphics and Layouts posted in the graphic auctions must have full credits on the image or in the description, or link to a full image with legible and complete credits.
  • Coverup layouts are only allowed if they correctly link to ALL of the links normally in the navigation (excluding upgrade only links and mod only links). We also ask that you do not cover up your events, horses, dogs, or shows tabs. Please keep in mind that if your mod box/notes is covered, we will ask you to make layout changes so that your entire page is visible.
  • Layouts with gore are not permitted on AP. Gore is considered anything that depicts an animal or human in pain or suffering, or gross and/or excessive use of "blood and guts".
  • Forum avatars and signatures are allowed to be any stock image allowed to be used for such things and/or any avatars/icons designed for free use. They only require credits if that particular stock provider says that they want to be credited.