Privacy Policy
Animal Phenomena Privacy Policy

Animal Phenomena is a privately owned online horse, dog, cat, and mythical creature simulation game designed to bring those with similar interests together during game play.

While we make an effort to keep AP safe for all ages, Animal Phenomena is intended for those ages 13 and up only. If a person is under the age of 13 they cannot access Animal Phenomena, as we do collect some personally identifying information as detailed below. If it comes to the attention of the staff that a player under 13 is using Animal Phenomena, then they will be removed as will all of the information associated with their account. No refunds will be granted if this should happen.

Collection of Information

At the time of joining, Animal Phenomena requires a valid email address for the purposes of verification, contacting a player should there be an issue with their account, sending out periodic mass emails to all players, in the event that a player breeches our Rules or TOS, and/or to link all accounts owned by one player. We also collect information such as IP addresses, and at times we will collect anonymous user statistics for the use(s) of marketing and game improvement.

When a player wishes to purchase our optional game features, they will do so through PayPal. Because we use PayPal, we will not have access to or ever knowingly collect any financial information from you. PayPal requires its users to be over the age of 18, therefore, any information (such as names, PayPal email addresses) collected by us through PayPal will be about the person who is paying for the upgrade (children under the age of 18 must have their parents upgrade them should they wish to do so). This information is strictly confidential and will only be used in the event that a player enquires about their account or a transaction, or if there is any sort of problem with the transaction. We may also use the record of upgrade on an account to verify ownership of the account in the case of a dispute. If any of the above events should occur, we will require proper verification of your identity and will ask for the Transaction ID or Receipt number given to you by PayPal at the time when an account was upgraded.

In the event that a player requests their account to be deleted, all information associated with that account will be permanently deleted as well. You may opt out of receiving mass emails (emails we send to all of our players, which excludes lost password/login/secret answer emails, emails we send to you individually in response to an email you have sent us, and/or emails regarding your account information individually) from us by logging into your account and going to your profile page and following the directions to opt out of emails from us.

Disclosure of Information

Animal Phenomena recognizes your privacy. We will never ask for or knowingly collect any personal information from players other than what is listed above. Your email address, password, upgrade information, IP address(s), etc. are not visible to anyone but you and the game staff. No personally identifying information will ever be disclosed or sold to a third-party unless Animal Phenomena is sold to a third party in its entirety, at which point all game and player information will be transferred to the new owners.

All players are responsible for keeping their own personal information personal. We advise all players to keep things such as their real names, addresses, and telephone numbers to themselves. We cannot and will not be held accountable for any personal information that players disclose to others.

In the event that a player is engaging in illegal activity (including, but not limited to predatory behavior, cyber bullying, etc) on Animal Phenomena, all information that we have regarding that player will be disclosed to the legal authorities as required by law. Such information may include any communications that you have made on Animal Phenomena that are still stored by our database, your moderator log/punishment record, username, IP address(s), record of upgrade, etc.

All users understand that user-created content (such as things put on pages, posted in chat, messaged to other players, etc.) are stored in the Animal Phenomena database and are available to the Animal Phenomena Staff.

If you have any further questions, please contact or message us in game on account number 1. Please view the terms of service for more information about your privacy on Animal Phenomena.