Welcome to Animal Phenomena! Thinking about joining? Well, it’s simple! On the main page, simply click the link that says “Register here!” and fill out the form that it provides you with. Once you submit the form, you will be taken to a page which assigns you an account number. Now you need to go check the e-mail that you provided in the form, because you need to verify it to activate your account. Click on the link in the e-mail and then you’re free to login to your account!

Buying Animals

The first thing you’ll probably want to do is to set yourself up with some animals in the game. For this, go to the navigation links and click on “store.” On the bottom of this page, you can buy the animal that you decide to breed. You had to choose a species specialty when you joined, so you are limited to breeds within that species.

Breed Specialty

Now that you have some animals, go to your home page (click “home” in the navigation). Scroll down under the settings, and set your breed specialty to what you just bought at the store. Make sure you pick the right one, because you can only change this every 7 days. If you decide later to change your species specialty (this is found in the same place, just under the breed specialty) you can only do this every 30 days.


Next, I suggest you get your animal ready to train! From your homepage, go to the individual animal that you want to start with. Under their picture all of their information is listed. First, you need to set their discipline. This is the individual thing that your animal will compete in. Different disciplines have different shows that they can enter. For example, I currently have two dragons – one has a flying discipline and one has a rhythm discipline. Remember that you cannot change a discipline once it has been set though.


With your discipline set, you now need to send your animal to the vet! Back on the animals’ page, there are two links – my dragons can go to the vet and the farrier. Click on the links to send them there. What is unique about Animal Phenomena, is that your animals can actually get sick and you need to take care of them. Pay attention to the results that you get because you’ll be told what medicines (if any) that you need to buy if your animal is sick.


To buy items, you need to go to the “item store” on the navigation map. This is where you can buy pretty much everything!

If your animals are sick, this is where you can buy medicines. Purchase the medicine, then go back to your animal’s page. In the middle of the page there is a drop down menu for the medicines that you can them give your animal. Once you give it to them, you’re all set!

You can buy different equipments here, too, which you need before you can enter your animal in shows. You need to buy one thing for the head and one for the body, for each animal. For example, one of my dragons is equipped with a dragon bridle and a magic halter.

You can also buy food, grooming supplies, treats, and more!

Equipping Items

To equip the items that you buy you need to go to your inventory. Then click on the item and which animal you want to put it on!


Okay, now that your animal has a disciple, has been to the vet (and isn’t sick), and is equipped with items, you’re ready to enter shows. Go to your animal’s page and on the bottom there is a link that says “enter shows.” Click on this, and then fill out the form with the information for the shows that you’re looking for. Make sure you look for shows in the discipline that you trained your animal in!

Once a list of shows comes up, click on the link that shows the show name. There is a dropdown list that shows a list of your animals trained in that discipline. Select the animal that you want to train and then click “enter show.” Now you’re all set! Your animal is entered in that show.


This refers to your main home page. On this page you can put layouts and images and some information. As with any internet site, putting personal information is NOT a good idea. Leaving personal information on any web site is NOT safe. If there is anything on your home page that is in violation of any of Animal Phenomena’s rules you can either be issued a warning to remove it, or if it is severe enough your page can be reset by a moderator.


Basic members receive $1,500 and upgrades receive $5,000. As a reward for being a regular member, every 10 times you collect your paycheck, you will receive a 10% raise. This raise caps out at 200%, which means basics can collect up to $4,500 per week and upgrades can collect up to $15,000. You can go to the Bank every Sunday to get your allowance. You will also notice that there is a very easy way to transfer money to other players. This makes money animals useless. There is no need for them on this game.


With the search you can look up other players. You can search for animals that may be for sale. You can also search for shows. When you go to search for something, you can put in all of your requirements into the designated places to refine your search and help you find what you are looking for faster.


To make a show, you need to own an arena (purchasable from the store) and the appropriate equipment for the type of show that you want to make.


The rankings page shows the top 25 individuals or animals in a few different categories.